Best Herbs To Grow In A Home Garden

A garden that doubles up as your kitchen inventory in terms of spices and herbs is always welcome! It’s perfect- to grow your own plants organically and pluck them out fresh and healthy whenever you need it. So if you’ve already planned to start off with your own spice garden, here are a few herbs which you should consider growing:

  1. Coriander:
    The go-to garnishing option that never fails any dish – coriander! You must have this basic herb in your garden – it’s multipurpose after all! You can not only grind it into savory chutneys but also make lip-smacking curry-base too! You have to plant the seeds at the arrival of spring –and you shall have plenty yield by the end of spring. Buy fresh seeds, sow them in a row and cover them with peat – and water them. Wait for 5-6 days, that’s enough time for these seeds to germinate. You can increase the thickness of sowing if you choose to plant the seeds straight in the ground.

  1. Mint:
    Get that minty taste in all your food – right from adding these leaves to tea, using it to garnish your cool drinks to come up with sandwich spreads – you can add these leaves to practically anything! So how do you go about with planting them? You can purchase mint leaf stalks from the local market and plant these 4-inch stalks in your pots. Make sure you keep a bit of distance between the stalks, as mint tends to grow all bushy.
  2. Basil:
    A staple in Indian homes, the basil is known for its medicinal properties. Slightly bitter, yet minty in taste, you can add these leaves to soups, decoctions, drinks both for brewing and garnishing. If you’re down with cold and cough, a herbal tea brewed with basil leaves will relieve you immediately. So how do you plant it? You can sow the seeds early in the pots and show them lots of sun every day. Transplant these to the ground late in the spring. Or you can even plant the seeds directly in the ground late in the spring.

  1. Dill:
    Not many actually know this herb – it is used to dole up lip-smacking dishes! It has a sharp, slightly bitter taste and you can add it for garnishing. Cooking up specific meat recipes based in dill taste wonderful. In some countries, a bunch of dill is chopped and stir-fried, only to lap it up with flatbread. Other than that, it perfectly complements soups and salads too. Sow the seeds early in the spring, water and wait for the beautiful dill to spring up!