How To Transform Obsolete Household Items into A Beautiful Indoor Garden

Indoor Gardening is the modern art and method to grow plants within a home or office space. There are various types of indoor gardening such as vertical farm gardening, container gardening, hydroponic gardening, etc. which differs from a person to person and the enclosed area that needs to be renovated for plant decoration, health benefits, serenity and also to give more privacy to people staying indoors. Indoor gardening mostly involves growing of flowering plants, herbs, climbers, vegetables and fruits by anybody who finds gardening as a hobby or even a profession. Good indoor gardening requires the right care and maintenance to provide proper nutrition, sunlight, clean water and materials to support plant growth which can be produced either on a large industrial scale or within four corners of a home.

Indoor gardening can be done with a lot of creativity using the different type of materials or by way of arrangement as described below to make it more interesting, stylish and add an aesthetic value to the room interiors.

  • Planting in Light Bulbs: This type of creative gardening requires decorative pebbles and thick glass heavy duty bulbs to make a circular opening without breaking the entire bulb for growing plants.
  • Planting in Wine bottles/Plastic Bottles: A great method to recycle used wine bottles or drink bottles and transform them into hanging or vertical garden by making indoors look green and eco-friendly.
  • Planting in Tea Cups: This is another great idea of growing your own choice of herbs in old tea cups that are of vintage style to make it look functional and stylish at the same time.
  • Planting in Kitchen Glass Jars/Containers: This kind of creativity goes a long way in using old kitchen glass mason jars to plant your favorite herbs and other plants by mounting them on the kitchen wall as per your decorative style of arrangement.

  • Planting in Glass bowl/ Ceramic Dishes/Earth Bowls/Coconut Shells: A great method to make use of old ceramic dishes or glass bowls is to paint them into beautiful garden dishes to plant succulents or any other plant varieties and store on top of a table or in any other room for decoration. Succulents require less care and no water drainage concerns. Such plants also look great in natural looking earth bowls made of soil that is wrapped around with roots and moss and suspended in the air as plant holders. The same trick also applies to transform coconut shells into a lovely indoor hanging garden.
  • Planting in Broken Ladders/Wooden Stools: Those dusty wooden stools and broken ladders can be easily used to hold small pots of succulents or any other plants and arranged as a beautiful ladder shelf and stool garden.
  • Planting in any shape of Sea Shells: Picking any unused seashells and placing mini plants like herbs or succulents can make your indoor gardening exciting and create a beautiful interior attraction to the visitors.